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Welcome to State of the Environment (SoE) Tasmania 2003

The covering letter from the Executive Commissioner introduces the 2003 State of the Environment (SoE) Report for Tasmania.

The SoE Report contains information about issues affecting Tasmania's environment. It is designed for use by the community and policy makers to help inform decision-making across all spheres of government. It is also intended for use by scientists, students and resource managers who require summary information and perspectives from other disciplines. The report can also be used to gain insights into some of the available underlying databases and information sources.

The preparation of this SoE Report is one of the features of Tasmania's Resource Management and Planning System. SoE reporting provides a means to assess progress towards the sustainable development objectives defined under the system. Details of the legislative requirement for SoE reporting under the State Policies and Projects Act 1993 (and how this requirement is addressed in this report) are provided on the linked page. In addition to meeting the principal requirements of the legislation, other objectives were identified for this report by the Resource Planning and Development Commission.

For ease of use it is recommended that you gain an overview of the SoE Report's structure and objectives in 'Setting the Scene'. If you know what you need from the report you can either click on 'Chapters' in the left hand column of this page, or on the relevant icon at the top of the page. They will both take you to the same information. If it is the report's recommendations you are after then use the Quicklinks section and click on 'Recommendations'. A 'printer-friendly' version of the report, which contains the 'at a glance' pages from this website and the recommendations in full, can be downloaded (State of the Environment 2003 Summary and Recommendations).

Tasmania's Diversity of Landform, Vegetation and Land Use

Tasmania's Diversity of Landform, Vegetation and Land Use

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