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The following table provides links to summaries of the recommendations and to the recommendations in detail. The summary includes the recommendation 'title' and the 'recommendation' only. It also contains a link to the recommendation in detail for further information. This table contains the full summary of recommendations and is several pages in length.

The recommendations in detail are more easily accessed by clicking on the recommendation title in the index of recommendations (in detail). In addition to the information contained in the summary, the recommendations in detail includes the 'objective', 'key issues' (providing links to the body of the report detailing conditions, trends and changes), and an outline of achievements since the last Report was tabled in Parliament in 1997. The index table for the recommendations in detail is about a page in length so it may be a more convenient way to access a specific recommendation. The search tool, accessed from the home page or the foot of any page in the report, provides another way to search for recommendations on specific topics.

Link to the recommendations

1997 recommendations (summary)

1997 recommendation index (links to detail)

2003 recommendations (summary)

2003 recommendation index (links to detail)

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