Depth to groundwater, monitored borehole sites

depth units in metres (surface at 0)

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An SVG viewer is required to view extra information contained in the map. This is available for free from External linkAdobe SVG Viewer. Data values are shown by moving cursor over data points. Right click on map for additional controls.

About scalable vector graphics (SVG)

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a web language that has been used in this SoE Report to create simple interactive maps that can be used to display data. Using the SVG viewer, users can view data behind maps as well as zoom and pan around maps. Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping is one of the key applications of SVG. More information on SVG and the SVG Viewer is available from External linkAdobe SVG Viewer.

Source: Source: Compiled by the SoE Unit using data from Internal linkNLWRA 2001 and Internal linkMineral Resources Tasmania 2007

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